Jayasri Radio

Jayasri Radio commenced operations on the 1st of July, 2009 and was welcome by Sri Lankans all over the world. We are entertaining our customers and giving up-to-date information, news via our online web radio station "Jayasri Radio". The director of programs is the world famous journalist Mr.Sri Nimal Padma Kumara, a radio and TV announcer, teledrama artiste and a writer. It's proud to say, E- Swabhimani National Awards organized by ICTA ( Information and Communication Technology Agency ) of Sri Lanka Awarded an Appreciation Certificate in 2009 and " Juror's Distinction Award " in 2010 to Jayasri Radio with appreciation of his unique and commendable service .

Jayasri Radio was able to stand in No.1 position amongst other web radios broadcast from Sri Lanka over the internet owing to the fact that it is simultaneously broadcasted on all

Tharunaya.com popular web sites throughout 24 hours of the day.




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